About Voice


To eradicate violence against women and girls in conflict, post-conflict, and disaster settings, as well as in the communities hosting refugees.

Change we want

A world where women and girls no longer face discrimination and violence, and where they are respected leaders of humanitarian responses.


Unconventional on purpose.

We are re-imagining conflict and disaster response. That’s our mission with VOICE.

Not only must women and girls affected by violence be heard, but they should also be driving the process to end that violence.

We respect the power and authority of feminist leaders in their communities. The work we do provides them with the resources to implement their own solutions.

VOICE works with women and girls in conflict and disaster settings all over the globe. We amplify their solutions to violence in their own communities.

After all, they know best.

Get involved with VOICE. With your support, we can end violence against women and girls.

Values and Principles


VOICE’s approach is inspired and informed by the values of women’s rights movements globally. We amplify the voices of women and girls because we trust their insight, leadership, and expertise.


VOICE knows addressing violence against women and girls is a political act. We are unafraid to say that women and girls face unique threats because of their gender, and people in power have a duty to invest in their protection.

A Sharer and
Shifter of Power

With a focus on meaningful partnerships, we create and share platforms with women and girls to speak their truths. We push the people with the power to share it with the women and girls they are supposed to be helping.


VOICE is committed to self-reflection and learning. We want our work examined, challenged, and debated. We welcome scrutiny, especially from the women and girls we support, to continue improving.

Disruptive and

We speak out against injustice and provide solutions that, while they may seem radical, are rooted both in local knowledge and decades of tested expertise. We believe in innovation and fresh solutions.


VOICE doesn’t allow marketing to replace storytelling. We hold power—including our own—to account through ongoing consultations with women and girls to make sure that our mission, messaging and programing is driven by and accountable to them. We support women and girls to tell their own stories, which allow us to co-create the messages that they want the world to hear.


We believe in the power of partnership. As seasoned and respected experts with relationships across the sector, the VOICE team are trusted advisors with opportunities to influence humanitarian response at the highest levels.

We are proud to count some of the largest and most influential organizations among our partners in ending violence against women and girls.

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We recognize all of the women and girls that have fought for gender equality before us.

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