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VOICE builds humanitarian response with local women- and girl-led solutions, organizations, and movements at its heart. We do research, advocacy, communications, mentorship, and network-building between local female leaders, influential humanitarian actors, and donors all over the globe.


Our challenge is increasing visibility and respect for local, women-led solutions, organizations, and movements. 

For too long, people not directly affected by violence have been the decision makers. That time has come to an end. It’s time for local women and girls in crisis to be taken seriously, for their voices to be heard. They are meant to be key partners with valuable expertise needed for global crisis response.


How do we overcome that challenge?

VOICE implements local women-and girl-led solutions to address violence against women and girls. By creating bold new media that clearly shows humanitarian leaders the valuable expertise of local women and girls in crisis response, we involve them in the process of eradicating the violence against them. Our efforts support new humanitarian talent in leading responses on the ground and in future crises around the world.

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We recognize all of the women and girls that have fought for gender equality before us.

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