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VOICE addresses barriers to prevent direct donor funding of local women’s and girls’ organizations. We understand that influential leaders, donors, and funds are necessary to implement programs required to take action in elevating the voices and experiences of women working within humanitarian aid agencies as well as women and girls in conflict.


Our challenge is barriers to funding for local women and girls’ rights organizations.

It’s difficult to sympathize when you’re disconnected from the problem. That’s why it’s time to spark empathy, investment, and action by amplifying the stories and proposed solutions of local women and girls in conflict and disaster settings. The joining of forces between local and global humanitarian organizations will benefit everyone.


How do we overcome that challenge?

VOICE develops tools, research, and programs to illustrate what works to address violence against women and girls. We guide donors and other actors through strategies to increase investment in local, women- and girl-led organizations and solutions.

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We recognize all of the women and girls that have fought for gender equality before us.

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