We are confronting one of the world's oldest and most widespread human rights abuses: Violence Against Women and Girls.

One in Three Women Experience Physical or Sexual Violence in Their Lifetime. All the time, everywhere. We must do better! We believe that women leaders are the solution to tackling this massive problem of violence.

Amplifying the voices of women-led organizations on the ground who are working to eradicate the violence they face. We believe they are the solution to tackling this massive problem. 

VOICE is a cutting-edge feminist organization committed to eradicating violence against women and girls around the world. This violence is a global epidemic, but it is especially prevalent in areas of crisis and displacement. 

We are dedicated to supporting local, women-led organizations, in numerous countries across the globe, who provide critical health and care services to women and girls in their communities. We grow and scale these organizations into networks and movements in settings of conflict, crisis, and emergency, and amplify their voices to accelerate their impact. 

We believe that women leaders are the solution to tackling this massive problem of violence, and that the humanitarian aid sector must listen to them in order to deliver on its promises to protect women and girls.

Where We Work

As a team of skilled humanitarians with over 150 years of combined expertise, we have an extensive network of respected partners and decades of personal experience working in areas of the world grappling with conflict or struggling to recover from disaster.

From working in 14 countries and counting, we have learned that the expertise and perspectives of women and girls in these settings -- and their ingenious solutions to prevent, challenge and recover from violence -- are scalable and applicable everywhere.

Disrupting the Status Quo:

For decades, the humanitarian sector has failed to adequately meet the needs of women- and girl-led organizations; instead the system has perpetrated violence against them. We must do better. 

VOICE is demanding change from the inside out, and leading the conversation with a feminist approach. We are challenging traditional and ineffective methods of distributing aid to the women- and girl-led organizations doing the critical work of providing resources for addressing violence in their own communities. We have to let women and girls themselves tell us what they need and then provide that support.


Disruptive &

Sharing & Shifting Power


Unapologetically Feminist

Boldly Political


COVID-19 Is Exacerbating Gender-Based Violence. 

There's another pandemic affecting women and girls: violence. Women and girls will feel the effects of this pandemic long after vaccines are developed and the world’s economies have recovered. While only 3-4% of all humanitarian spending goes towards protective activities for women and girls, even less (around half of one percent) is spent on gender-based violence. That needs to change. VOICE is calling for prioritization of women & girls in all COVID-19 response efforts around the world, and we're partnering with women and girl-led organizations across the globe in a targeted mission to get them the help they need. [READ MORE]

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