VOICE Resources for the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is intensifying the violence that girls and women already face — and creating new risks. It is critical that aid agencies look to girls and women themselves to guide global and local responses to violence during the health crisis, and VOICE is offering resources and support directly to girl- and women-led organizations. We are working with them for a more effective humanitarian and crisis response

Girls and women are uniquely at risk—
and uniquely well-placed to lead.
Why tackle COVID-19 with Women- and Girl-led solutions?

We know that violence against girls and women increases in every emergency, including pandemics.

In the current crisis, stress and economic pressure are leading to increased levels of domestic violence. Isolation is reducing girls’ and women’s access to support networks, and when they do venture out, their environments present new risks of opportunistic attack. As frontline caregivers at home and at work, women and girls are at increased risk of infection.

Women and girl-led organizations bring decades of expertise on the approaches that work in their communities and countries—including experience with organizing in low-resource contexts and during past health crises. But as they work to respond to the crisis, these organizations face significant challenges. Most critically, funds normally received from international donors and aid groups are being diverted to respond to the pandemic.

There is a critical need for resources, support, and funding to fuel the efforts of these groups and address the growing violence that girls and women face as the COVID-19 crisis escalates. Consider donating to VOICE as we address them.


Resource Navigators (Technical Experts)

VOICE Resource Navigators operate a Global Info Hub and host weekly virtual technical support sessions—accessible across age, language, ability, and culture–to disseminate new information and resources on addressing COVID-19 and violence against girls and women.


VOICE Network

VOICE is operating as a global convener, connecting girl- and women-led organizations to build solidarity and facilitate sharing of learning and strategies in countries likely to be heavily impacted by COVID-19. In a rapidly changing environment, VOICE is coordinating among groups to quickly identify emerging areas of need, promising opportunities, and risks.



VOICE is partnering with girl- and women-led organizations to conduct research on how best to support them, and is analyzing a range of sources—including social media—to understand how COVID-19 is impacting this community. With these findings, VOICE will work to ensure that decision-makers for the COVID-19 response base their plans not on assumptions about girls and women, but on their direct feedback.



VOICE is working with women photographers, journalists, and videographers living and working in affected communities to bring the stories of girls and women impacted by COVID-19 directly to the public. Organizations can also request direct help from the Communications & Marketing team at VOICE for help with social media and media training. 


Donor Advocacy

VOICE is leveraging its relationships with major international donors to push for greater direct funding of girl- and women-led organizations in responding to COVID-19. This includes acting as a connector to directly link funding organizations with local girls’ and women’s groups.

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We recognize all of the women and girls that have fought for gender equality before us.

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VOICE COVID-19 Response Strategy

VOICE is offering resources and support directly to girl- and women-led organizations, and is working with them to advocate with aid agencies for a more effective humanitarian and crisis response