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VOICE is a global organization with plans to unapologetically create a world where women and girls no longer face discrimination and violence. Where they are respected leaders of humanitarian responses.

VOICE exists because discrimination, inequality, and violence are the reality for many women and girls across the globe. Not only do we work to eradicate that violence against them, but we also intend to move past the outdated practice of those affected being told the best way they can be helped, rather than supporting them to lead the conversation. 

VOICE knows females are innovative, resilient solution-holders. By shifting and sharing power, we show what change looks like when women and girls are placed in positions of influence. We see the leadership and strategic attributes in women and girls every day through our work and know they are key partners in the system, not simply aid recipients.

VOICE tells it like it is. We believe the current humanitarian system is broken and needs to be fixed so women and girls have access to the resources they truly need. We aim to create a humanitarian system where women and girls directly affected by crisis are determining how assistance is provided, rather than the current system where decisions impacting them are not informed and led by women and girls themselves.

VOICE accomplishes this through the lens of our three pillars for change: showing up and shaping humanitarian action, amplifying voices, and growing resources and partnerships.

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We recognize all of the women and girls that have fought for gender equality before us.

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