World Humanitarian Day Panel Discussion:

Centering the Experiences of Women in the Humanitarian Sector

August 26, 2020: VOICE, in partnership with the Arab Institute for Women (AiW), hosted a panel shortly after World Humanitarian Day, to discuss women’s experience in the world of humanitarian aid. (Click video to watch).

The panel discussion called attention to the neocolonial ways in which aid is delivered, making it racist, distinctly non-feminist and anti-women. The conversation centered around how we envision a world with a feminist approach to delivering humanitarian aid, and women-centered practices around aid worker safety and security.

Dr. Anusanthee Pillay, Feminist Humanitarian Network
Harriett Oyombe, International Medical Corps (IMC)
Veronique Ossohou-Kone, Women of Colour working in Emergencies (WeCiE)
Dr. Lina AbiRafeh, Arab Institute for Women (AiW)
Fatou Wurie, Women of Colour working in Emergencies (WeCiE)
Mendy Marsh, VOICE

Moderated by Kelly Joseph, VOICE