Safety and Logistics Manager, Ukraine Emergency Response

VOICE is a cutting-edge, for impact-non-profit, that is revolutionizing the conflict, crisis, and peace building landscape by harnessing the power of women and girls and the organizations they lead.

November 17, 2022

The Mission:  VOICE is currently operating in Ukraine and across affected border countries-- working closely with local and international partners to promote women’s protection and empowerment. The Safety and Logistics Manager will be responsible for safety and security risk management, travel and movement support and logistics for VOICE’s Ukraine team and operations. The role requires versatile proficiency in safety/security risk assessment and management, procurement, and transport. The Safety and Logistics manager will need to be a reliable, flexible and adaptable person, knowing that responsibilities, schedules, and location may need to shift and change. The position will also have to face the daily pressures and stresses of working and driving in insecure and fluid urban and rural situations in a variety of security/weather/road conditions. The position will be a critical part of the VOICE team in Ukraine and a part of the global security team for VOICE.

Role requirements include: fluency in Ukrainian and knowledge of English, a valid driver license in Ukraine, excellent driving record, basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PPT.


Safety and Security Risk Management:

  • Monitor closely with the VOICE team the working environment and situation in terms of safety and security and conflict developments and how this may impact the team.
  • Assess safety and security related risk for VOICE personnel, property, programmes and image of the organization, including transferred risks to our trusted partners
  • Work with the VOICE team in developing and updating measures to mitigate such risks and provide guidance to management and individual staff to this regard as necessary.
  • Communicate regularly with the team about all safety and security risks and measures for preparedness, prevention and responses
  • Frequently communicate with the VOICE Global Safety and Security lead; as well as maintain external communications with the other security networks in the country.

Travel and Movement Support:

  • Identify and use the safest routes for VOICE movements- getting them to and from destinations safely
  • Track all VOICE inter-urban movements in Ukraine.
  • Maintenance of VOICE vehicle logistics.
  • Define or revise the supply chain strategy according to the context and the operational needs of the team
  • Ensure the stability of supply activities within regular and emergency interventions
  • Manage supply orders, procurement, transportation and delivery
  • Provide ongoing technical support to the teams as needed
  • Ensure efficient supply administration and provide adapted tools to support the various supply activities
  • Approve the use of supply-related third parties (suppliers, transport companies, freight forwarders)
  • Undertake continual assessments of equipment and communications needs, recommend improvements/technological aspects to make sure that all equipment are working and the protocols under which the equipment is used, to ensure that set conditions for security are being met.

Qualifications and Competencies

  • Deep commitment to VOICE’s core values and ability to model those values within the organization and in relationships and communities VOICE work with
  • University degree in social work, public health, international relations/law/ international development or an equivalent combination of relevant training and experience.
  • 3-5 years experience working counter trafficking and/or VAWG in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Proven in-depth knowledge and understanding of the issue of human trafficking in Ukraine and globally
  • Strong mobiliser, organizer, and communicator.
  • Demonstrated ability to work both independently and within a diverse team to support the delivery of the strategy.
  • Has a clear vision for women and girl’s leading the way for addressing VAWG in their communities, countries, regions and globally while centering and highlighting their voices.
  • A critical thinker who understands power structures and works to dismantle them.
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize.
  • Strong networking and facilitation skills.

This position will be posted until filled.