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Women’s organizations are the unsung heroes of Ukraine’s humanitarian response. Two years in, their resiliency is being put to the test. 

Women’s rights organizations in Ukraine and throughout the region mobilized rapidly in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. They transformed and expanded their operations to lead and shape relief efforts, respond to the surge in demand for frontline support and social services, meet basic needs such as shelter, and provide other life-saving services such as care for survivors of gender-based violence. 

Two years later, they continue to provide a vital yet increasingly frayed lifeline to millions of displaced women and children.

VOICE’s latest report, in partnership with HIAS, highlights how a lack of adequate resourcing and support has put immense pressure on many women’s rights organizations, many of whom are concerned about their capacity to continue supporting women and vulnerable populations from their communities in addition to those displaced by the war. It also highlights continued critical service gaps for those displaced, including housing, economic support and gender-based violence services.

Despite localization commitments made by the humanitarian community two years ago to ensure adequate funding of women-led organizations, the situation has not changed. This report showcases how instead, the need for sustainable solutions to improve the protective environment for women, girls, and other marginalized groups has only grown.