"I want a 24-hour truce during which there is no rape."

"I want one day of respite, one day off, one day in which no new bodies are piled up, one day in which no new agony is added to the old, and I am asking you to give it to me. And how could I ask for less -- it is so little. And how could you offer me less: it is so little. Even in wars, there are days of truce. Go and organizing a truce. Stop your side for one day."  - Andrea Dworkin

In Summer 2021, VOICE brought together women and girls from around the world in a live webinar to discuss what it would be like if we had one day, just 24 hours, without sexual assault. Following the discussion, the VOICE team published two volumes of reflection on topics such as bystanders to violence and patriarchy's effect on emotional intimacy. The volumes are structured by the theme of Time, to recognize the women and girls that fought for gender equality before us, and to remind those that withhold and abuse power that the feminist fight for equality is not going anywhere.

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