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In 2021, the world passed a solemn threshold, with 1 in 88 people forcibly displaced by conflict or ecological disaster, continuing the upward trend we’ve seen over the last decade. Against this backdrop, VOICE was there to ensure the voices of women and girls were heard, and the leadership of the organizations they lead was respected and better integrated
into the humanitarian response.

Our organization was part of the network of women’s rights organizations that worked to protect and relocate Afghan women human rights defenders in the months leading up to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

We produced a groundbreaking feminist assessment on the impact of COVID-19 on women- and girl-led organizations. And recognizing the power of the arts in advocacy, healing, and imagining a better future, we launched our Arts Movement Team. Along the way, our team grew from 7 people to 28 across 15 countries, strengthening our ability to support and stand in solidarity with the movements we work with.

Learn more about what we accomplished, and the work of our network of incredible partners around the globe, in our 2021 annual report.