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March 2, 2023:  

In the aftermath of the recent earthquake, we at VOICE express deep concern for the women and girls of Syria and Turkey who are facing unprecedented challenges. The earthquake has only exacerbated an already fragile situation in Syria, where women and girls are subjected to violence, displacement, and limited access to basic services.

We honor and recognize the courage and tireless efforts of women outside of Syria who advocate for women's rights and collect donations to support those affected by the earthquake. We also applaud the heroic women within Syria who are working to provide assistance and support to those affected by this tragedy.

We implore international NGOs and the international community to devote more attention to the situation in Syria and to raise their voices in support of the women and girls who are at great risk. It is imperative that their voices are heard and that their fundamental rights are preserved, especially in the aftermath of this disaster.

We also extend a heartfelt invitation to all feminist organizations to join us in showing solidarity with the women of Syria and Türkiye during these difficult times. Let us shine a light on the exceptional work being done by women who are continuing to persevere through the catastrophic conflict that has plagued their countries for the past twelve years. Despite these immense challenges, women continue to work tirelessly to advocate for their rights and to provide support and assistance to those in need.

As feminist organizations, we have a responsibility to uplift the voices and experiences of Syrian women and to work toward a future where women's rights are respected and protected. Let us come together and stand with these women in their time of need, and let us continue to push for a world where all women can live in safety, dignity, and equality.

VOICE remains steadfast in our commitment to advocate for gender equality and women's rights in all circumstances. We call on the global community to unite in support of those affected by the earthquake and to strive towards a fair and equitable world for all.

For more information, please write to VOICE at [email protected]