VOICE is accelerating a global revolution against systemic, gender-based violence,
powered by women and girls and the organizations they lead.

VOICE partners with women and girls in conflict, crisis, and disaster settings around the world to promote equality, create leadership opportunities, and eradicate the violence they face. 

We are confronting one of the world's oldest and most widespread human rights abuses: violence against women and girls (VAWG). Although such violence is a global epidemic, it is especially prevalent in crisis and displacement contexts, and often perpetuated by the institutions that claim to serve them. We aim to challenge traditional, ineffectual methods of addressing violence in these settings with a proven but chronically underused resource: WOMEN & GIRLS.

Where We Work

We are working to help meet the needs of women- and girl-led organizations in a growing number of countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, the United States, Venezuela, and Yemen.

Many of our team members come from the places that we work, meaning that deep local knowledge, expertise and lived experiences underlie our approaches. 

Our team includes humanitarian practitioners, researchers, and human rights defenders with over 100 years of experience in feminist movement-building and violence prevention and response.

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Featured Regions: Afghanistan

BBC News Asia | January 11, 2021

Kabul's markets full of food, but no-one has money


Still Waiting For the Sky to Close

Women’s organizations are the unsung heroes of Ukraine’s humanitarian response. Two years in, their resiliency is being put to the test.

VOICE’s latest report, in partnership with HIAS, highlights how a lack of adequate resourcing and support has put immense pressure on many women’s rights organizations, many of whom are concerned about their capacity to continue supporting women and vulnerable populations from their communities in addition to those displaced by the war. It also highlights continued critical service gaps for those displaced, including housing, economic support and gender-based violence services.

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Services available for people affected by GBV in Moldova Download in English | Download in RomanianWith the crisis caused by Russia’s war against Ukraine, the field of gender-based violence (GBV) in Moldova has taken on a new dimension; new organizations – international and national – appeared, and those already active in the field, either modified

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Call For Funding Morocco and Libya

On September 8th, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit Morocco with devastating effects. Meanwhile, on September 10th, Mediterranean Storm Daniel brought heavy rainfall and flooding to eastern Libya, causing large-scale destruction as a result of two dams collapsing south of the city of Derna. These events will have profound and far-reaching impacts on lives and livelihoods in months and years to come.

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