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Services available for people affected by GBV in Moldova

With the crisis caused by Russia's war against Ukraine, the field of gender-based violence (GBV) in Moldova has taken on a new dimension; new organizations - international and national - appeared, and those already active in the field, either modified or expanded their mandate, launching new assistance programs.

In this sense, a review of the situation in the field, from the perspective of the services provided, seems to us as timely as possible. At the same time, the constant fluctuation of specialists and the poor information about their existence convinced us, once more, of the need to develop such a guide.

Intended for all interested actors, this document makes available to specialists in the field a tool that comes to systematize/order all active services in the field of gender-based violence, so that the process of redirecting beneficiaries, depending on needs, is as efficient as possible.

It was structured in such a way as to provide an overview of the services/assistance that people affected by GBV can benefit from, from the perspective of the rights ensured by the legislation in the field, including the intersectoral intervention mechanisms, following the route they must follow when they are faced with a situation of GBV.